【單車鹿港休閒趣.遨遊八卦賞日落.天空步道一日遊】Lukang Bike Day Tour


Day 1.
9:00 THSR/Taichung Train Station/Tianhou Temple/Lukang Old Street/Lukang Folks Art Museum/Bagua Mountain/Return



The first temple in Taiwan was built by General Shi Lang. While the statue of Mazu was imported from Meizhou, China. As March of Chinese lunar calendar is the month of Mazu Pilgrimage Activity, the temple will be crowded with followers and visitors.
鹿港民俗文物館 Lukang Folks Art Museum

鹿港民俗文物館 Lukang Folks Art Museum


It was established in 1973 and has the appearance of Western and Asian\'s architecture style.
With more than 6,000 articles are well displayed in the museum. Those articles are from the time of mid-Ching Dynasty to the early years of the Republic.

鹿港三輪車體驗 ~Lukang Pedicab

Wanna have some different experience? Sitting on the traditional old pedicab and take your time to enjoy the Lukang’s view
套裝行程方案如下:Packages as below

1. 單站 : NT$ 50/人 One way tour: NT$ 50 per person
1. 半程(60分鐘):NT$ 200/人 Half Way Tour (60 minutes): NT$200 per person
2. 全程(90分鐘):NT$ 300/人 Round Tour (90 minutes): NT$300 per person
3. 全程(120分鐘):NT$ 400/人 Round Tour (120 minutes): NT$ 400 per person
4. 全套(150分鐘):NT$ 450/人 Full Package Tour (150 minutes): NT$ 450 per person
5. 深度之旅(180分鐘):NT$ 600/人 Immersive Tour (180 minutes): NT$ 600 per person
*深度之旅附送兩張民俗文物館門票(原價NT$ 130)
*Two Tickets for the Lukang Folks Art Museum are given for purchase Immersive Tour. (NT$130 for one ticket)



The Skywalk is made from lightweight steel frames, and its design is the barrier type with the line.
The whole length of the Skywalk is 1005 meters with seven entrances set along the way.


鹿港在地特色小吃 (自理) Lukang Gourmet on own


鹿港三輪車體驗:1. 方案不同,路線景點亦有不同
2. 一台三輪車限兩人
3. 殊假日人潮眾多,路線亦隨之更動(景點相同)
4. 若要加購此行程或特殊需求,歡迎請來電詢問
5. 以上費用不包含在團費內

1. The sightseeing spots are different with the packages chosen.
2. One pedicab limited two people.
3. Lukang Old Street is not allowed for the pedicab during peak season.
3. For any information or pedicab customised tour, you are welcome to inquire.
4. The fee is not included in the tour fee.


1. 此費用以每車15人估價,未達此人數可補差額即可成行
2. 以上行程僅供出發前旅客參考,正確行程、旅館依行前說明會資料為準。
3. 如遇需門票之參觀景點休館或其他不可抗力因素無法進入時,皆以退費處理,敬請見諒。
4. 為使團體順利進行,本公司保留行程變更、對調之權利,行程內容、餐食、住宿飯店之確認以最後團體說明會資料為主、餐食料理內容以餐廳及飯店當日實際提供為主,住宿房型依飯店實際提供為主。
5. 若行程中有特殊需求,如特殊餐食(素食、不吃牛/羊、兒童餐),請於報名時先告知服務人員以利事先作業

1. The tour fee is rated under 15 people.
2. Tour information provided on the website is only for reference.
3. We apologize and refund to any unresistible factors caused to the spots.
4. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary.
5. Please contact us in advance of any inquiry especially the meals of the trip.